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About Andy

Andy works around the world on unique, innovative and impactful projects for some of the planet’s largest organizations and biggest brands. Known as an expert on the relationship between people and work, Andy’s book The Human Workplace has been described as essential reading for all leaders. Its core message of people-first organizational success has gained attention across the media.

An experiment on the relationship between people and work, The Work Project, set Andy’s research on a path to unlocking some of the most complex global organizations and contributing to the future of major brands through a unique, creative approach to organizational development, consultancy and projects. Whether working on insight projects, in-depth explorations or transformational approaches, Andy’s approach is based on an understanding of the dynamics of human interaction.

Beyond his personal work, Andy’s company My Amazing Team organizes events, creates products, develops projects and has ideas. ALT+SPACE is an immersive corporate workshop/ strategy location with added experience, while Cha Drinks is a soon-to-launch brand.

When not playing with ideas, Andy is dedicated to his four children and occasionally finds the time to play drums as loudly as possible.

My relationship with work began age 13 with a newspaper delivery round and it’s been an interesting ride ever since. Cooking in a roadside café, quality controlling Scotch Egg production, launching independent music magazine The Void, senior management in the UK’s National Health Service, inheriting a recruitment company, various failed startups, event organization, consulting major corporations and product design are just part of the picture.

Somewhere, via a degree in Population Studies from The London School of Economics (LSE), I came to do what I do now. The best way I can describe it is that I turn up and see what happens.

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