Andy Swann is a human. He thinks about our relationship with ourselves, our work, each other and the organisations we align with. Through experimentation and seeing work or ‘the career’ as an ever-evolving adventure, his own work has developed to span different arenas and experiments.

After 12 months exploring work with The Work Project, Andy realised the personal nature of the journey and is preparing to launch a new exploration – How to Be a Human.


As Founder and Curator of All About People, Andy continues to grow a unique event that explores how when people thrive, organisations thrive too. As BDG architecture + design’s Change Maker, Andy develops workplace change approaches that connect organisations and people with their work and workplace, collaborating with major clients to implement his Discover, Imagine, Create method. He also delivers bespoke creative leadership experiences and events that unlock organisations and their teams through Simple Better Human.

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The best way to learn about something is by doing it yourself, which is why Andy immerses himself directly in the experiments and explorations he develops to help understand our lives, work and ourselves. From the anecdotal to the insightful, Andy’s projects are a major part of his approach to life and how he develops his work.

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Andy speaks at events and conferences across the world, treating each invitation as an opportunity to create a unique performance. He is known for his energetic, passionate style, independent viewpoint and ability to bring the unexpected in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

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Beyond work, Andy is a father of four, a drummer, an occasional running enthusiast, a collector of vinyl, lover of retro video games and writes for the love of it. He lives in the countryside, works in the city and embraces his own contradictions… They’re what make him human, after all.