I’m interested in the relationship between people, work, each other and ourselves. I’m also prone to experimenting and creating projects to explore these ideas. Discover them here.

How to be a Human

What does it really mean to be a human in the modern world?

We seem to live in an age where the bar is set forever higher – we’re constantly bombarded with self help and instructions on how to be smarter, more productive, happier, better organised.

But who really defines what ‘success’ is and why aren’t we setting our own boundaries?

This project will explore the questions around the way we look at life and ourselves, what shapes our actions and what it really means to be ourselves.

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The Work Project

Can we take ourselves outside the usual structures of work and still make a living?

I decided to rethink my relationship with work and do an experiment… where I was the subject. Could I go for 12 months outside the usual structures of work and still find a way to make a living?

As of day 1, I made myself unemployed and had nothing lined up but an open mind and enough money in the bank to last around one month. That’s where the adventure started…

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