How You Can Work With Andy

I love collaborating, so if you have an idea, use the contact form to let me know.

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Event and Content Site: All About People
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I speak at events across the world on subjects from our relationship with work and ourselves, to the way organisations work – and how they could become more human. Every talk I give is developed uniquely for that event and delivered as a performance to ignite inspiration, not a lecture.

From blogging to articles, even the odd book contribution – if you like my style, get in touch. I’m always working on ideas and open to conversations.

Connecting Over Coffee
I like meeting new people and sharing my ideas and insight. If you have an idea to share, think I could help you, or just fancy a chat, grab one of the weekly slots I keep free for doing just that. Everything good starts with a conversation.

Join In
My latest project How to Be a Human needs people! If you’d like to get involved, click here for more details.