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Ideas Shape The Future. Actions Make It Real.


A ready-to-go toolkit to unlock creativity in you and your team, create new perspectives and capture ideas.


Driving insight and forethought to create new approaches to your individual, brand or organizational problems.


Bringing people together to share ideas, create alternative points of view and foster a spirit of collaboration across (and even beyond!) teams.


Stimulating approaches that drive curiosity, breaking free from restrictions with a productive sense of curiosity and a creative mindset.

Inspire Creative Innovation, Inspire Future Success.

New Perspectives. New Connections. New Ideas.

The only restriction is your imagination. Positive Answer Cards are designed specifically to help you smash that wide open.

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Origin Deck

The place to start unleashing creative thinking. Each origin deck contains:

1 x Welcome Leaflet
1 x How To Play Card
6 x Approach Cards
14 x Question Cards (Blank)
14 x Answer Cards (Blank)

All in a pocket-sized, lovingly embossed box, to take with you wherever you go.

Bundles and Extensions

The origin deck is only the start. See the store for value-added bundles and extensions, including:

Positive Answer Card Tins
Refill Packs
Extra Decks
Added Approach Cards
Extension Packs

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Our Mission

We’re out to help a million people think more creatively, because we know their impact can help change the world. Whether you use Positive Answer Cards to meet your own challenges, collaborate with a team, make new human connections or just to play around, you will help in a small way to shape the future.

We live in a world where innovate or die is the mantra. Don’t get left behind. 

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

Albert Einstein

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