Alternative Perspectives That Entertain and Inspire.

Inspiring audiences to  to think and rethink with a fresh, entertaining approach. Always unique.

A Unique and Inspiring Perspective

Andy speaks selectively at events around the world, sharing perspectives on people, work and organizations. He is equally comfortable with an audience of 10 or 10,000, delivering tailored performances with the right gravitas to connect. An inspiring, complementary alternative to the standard business talk.


From hour-long keynotes and entertaining after dinners, to 15 minute motivators, every talk Andy gives is customized for the specific audience. Designed to educate, inspire and entertain, with the occasional surprise thrown in. Always memorable. 

Moderator/ Presenter

Whether compering entire events, or moderating panel discussions, Andy offers the combination or light-hearted awareness and insight to keep things focused, engaging, on track, interesting and to time. Always on point. 


Adopting a combination of corporate delivery, business focus, stand-up principles and audience engagement, Andy delivers unique performances that cross over appropriately every single time. Always entertaining.

Typical Topics

While there are no standard subject lines in his talks, these are some of the topics Andy is most often asked to speak on.

The Human Workplace

Designing Future-Ready Organizations

LIFEWORK: Rethink Your Work, Realign Your Life

Rise of the Positive Activists

Ideas Can Change the World (But Action Creates the Future)

Humans at Work

More Creative Than You Think

What They Say

New for 2018: Human at Work

Why it’s important to us as individuals to be humans at work. Why the organizations we work with, for and around, as well as society itself, benefit too.

With research data and case studies of the people I met on my journey – get insight into what it takes to reinvent yourself and pursue your goals, whatever they may be.

Your pixelated self/ Where the lines blur/ Living an experiment/ Staying conscious/ Relentless and resilient/ The fearless evolution/ Think of your legacy/ An ongoing adventure.

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