What Can We Create?

From collaboration to co-creation, consumer insight to employee experience and personal life-work planning. Shift the mindset.

Where Do You Need Me Most?

Organizational Development

Defining vision, redefining behavior, creating change. Shifting mindsets, driving adoption, catalyzing an amazing human future.

Innovation and Co-Creation

Creative consumer, internal insight, innovation, ideation and mindset projects. Immersive experiences with exceptional outputs.

Life-Work Realignment

A personal exploration from compromise to the ideal. Take the journey that rethinks your work and realigns your life.

Organizational Development

Described as one of the new generation of hipster consultants, my belief is that an exciting and brave future needs a fresh approach and new perspective.  Forget the clipboards and spreadsheets, it’s time to immerse.

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Personality Transplant

Do you really understand your organization, and how it connects with people both internally and externally?

An intensive, immersive program designed around your organization to fundamentally shift leadership thinking and reap the benefits of being truly people-first.

2-10 Participants
1-3 Days

Management Mix-Up

Are your managers truly leaders and do you inspire them to drive your organization forward relentlessly?

Turn your managers into human leaders through an immersive, focused program created as an exciting, inspirational day event with purpose-designed supporting resources.

5-500+ Participants
1 Day


Shift your perspective. It’s the only way to truly unlock the creativity and innovation needed to succeed.

Organizational alchemy, mixing a team of your people with alternative industry and startup viewpoints, immersing you in guided thinking about your real world challenges.

2-5 Participants
1 Day

Cultural Exploration

Everyone talks about organizational culture, but do you really get it and can you live it?

Explore what drives your business, how that shapes your organization and who you’re building for, to define how you can and should be operating, locally and globally.

1+ Month

Leadership Adventures

Take your leaders out into the world and inspire them to become everything they can possibly be.

A fully-immersive experience that challenges your leaders to learn from the best and adopt their behaviors. Shake up your thinking, shape up your future.

Up to 10 Participants
1 Day

Collaboration Hub

Bring people together from across your organization to unleash thinking, problem solve, collaborate and create.

A pop-up hub within your organization where you can pilot approaches, overcome obstacles and define what collaboration means for your organization in real time.

1 Day – 1 Month

The Human Workplace

Full end-to-end people-first transition or culture shift to future-ready your entire organization.

Purpose. identity, people, place, actions, structure, collaboration and more. Dissect your organization then catalyze a program to become a human workplace.

Duration Varies

Inside-Out Challenge

Rally your positive activists, inspire them and unleash them to do good in your organization.

We identify, motivate and inspire your internal catalysts, giving them the tools and capabilities to go out and make a difference to the business as positive activists.

2-20 Participants
3 Days

Workshops/ Away Days

Work with a leading facilitator to focus on one important area in a way that delivers impact.

Whatever the topic, for an immersive, unique and specifically-designed session or internal event, we create and lead it for you, delivering guaranteed impact.

Whatever You Need
Duration Varies

Innovation and Co-Creation

Working with some of the world’s most famous brands and largest media organizations, I create immersive explorations that shape the future in a way that outperforms leading agencies. Discover the unique approach and achieve amazing things. 

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Consumer Insight

Who better to tell you what they need from your products or services than the people who will consume them?

Our consumer insight projects have a track record of contributing to direction for some of the world’s most famous brands. From brief and vision setting, to creative delivery and insightful outputs, the whole experience is a more human one.

Anywhere in the World
Let’s Scope It!


From ideation to action planning, working together is the best course towards shaping future success.

Creating big ideas, developing and filtering them, then directing them into action that creates momentum is a combination of art and science. Accessing cross-organization expertise, with internal and external input where needed, this method helps you get there.

Anywhere in the World
Let’s Scope It!

Innovation Mindset/ Method

You know you need to innovate to create the future, but something seems to be blocking it, right?

You’re not alone. This is common in many large, process-driven or complex organizations. Our experience in identifying, exploring and unlocking an innovation mindset and specific innovation pathways is clear in the results we’ve achieved.

Anywhere in the World
Let’s Scope It!

Design Thinking

Otherwise known as the common sense of future success, do your people understand how to think and act as designers?

Whether you need a hands-on workshop, or something more intensive, with these sessions you put the theory into practice in the simplest way, inspiring it to stick as a default behavior.

Up to 35 Participants
1-3 Days


We all know that the next big idea could define our future success, but are you seeking it in the right way?

Having ideas is simple, having great ones and carrying them forward takes effort. Immerse the right people in creative thinking, idea creation, filtering, building and action planning.

Up to 20 Participants
1-2 Days

Creative Explorations

Find a unique viewpoint from immersive insight and exploration, to really drive your USP.

Doing the same things as everyone else will never set you apart. Expert and wildcard thinking combine here with stimulus, environment and a guided exploration to create your unique take on any topic.

Up to 20 Participants
1 Day

Life-Work Realignment

Coming Soon.

A set of tools, explorations, guidance and resources for rethinking your work and realigning your life. Based on my personal investigations in The Work Project and beyond.  Find your happy monday.

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